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If there’s one thing there is no dearth of today, it’s the incredible choice when it comes to engagement rings. We thought we would ask reputed jeweller Samara James of London what they had to say about this. They felt that the past few years had seen a sea change in engagement ring designs and in the metals that engagement rings came in. Now why this change, we wondered?

They felt that it was due to the fact that people had started thinking beyond the traditional. When Tiffany’s made the engagement ring and diamonds popular in the early part of the last century, what they promoted was a simple, slender gold band with a solitaire set in the prong setting. So while the diamond was big or small, depending on how much the man could afford, the setting and design as well as the metal remained the same for decades. Till recently when people looked and thought out of the box. Today, the engagement ring market is flooded with choices both at jewellery stores and even more on online jewellery sites. It’s a sea of choice out there.