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Women 2day: Ami's campaign to Know Your Normal

Calendar girls plan to promote women’s health

Ami Holt is involved in the Know Your Normal women's health campaign

A few months ago, Ami Holt was chatting with some friends over drinks when they got talking about things they had always wanted to do but just didn’t have the confidence, money or cause to do so.

One of them brought up the idea of doing a ‘sexy’ photoshoot and all the girls agreed how empowering it would be, not to mention fun, but the idea was quickly forgotten after somebody mentioned ‘wobbly bits’ being on show.

Shortly afterwards, Ami started Know Your Normal, a women’s health campaign designed to encourage women to get to grips with what is normal for them and their own bodies – be it their breasts, periods, unborn baby’s movements or anything else, so they can confidently report any changes and report them to a medical professional, with the message: Know Your Normal, Report any Changes, Save Your Life.

Ami had been brainstorming fun ideas about how she could raise as much money and awareness of the #KnowYourNormal campaign as possible, at the same time including women who others could relate to.

Ami Holt has started a campaign about women's health issues

And then she suddenly got the idea of doing a charity calendar, aimed at perfectly normal, everyday, beautiful women, each with their own story of ‘normal’ to share.

Enlisting the help of Chester-based photographer Sarah Sadler, she soon had a date set for the shoot, and even managed to find a sponsor to cover the cost of hair and makeup as well as Sarah’s time.

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“Just when I thought I might have to raid my house savings and maybe rob a small bank , the wonderful ladies at Pink Parcel got in touch,” said Ami. “They agreed to not only sponsor the entire calendar shoot, but also wanted to support the Know Your Normal campaign throughout the year!

“And so over the last couple of weeks, Sarah and I have been busy planning a kick-ass, amazing two-day shoot featuring 12 fabulously gorgeous women of ages ranging from 21-80, of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and stories,” she added.

On June 8, Ami and her 'girls' travelled up to Sarah’s studio from Kent for the shoot and the calendar is set to go on sale in October with all proceeds going to Kicks Count and Coppafeel UK.

Only you know your body, only you can tell when things aren’t quite

Ami said: “As women we are pretty much hit over the head with rules and regulations to follow when it comes to our health, constantly told what’s normal and what’s not, but it’s daft to think that everyone is the same. What’s normal for you might be completely abnormal for another.

“That’s why I created the #KnowYourNormal campaign. Only you know your body, only you can tell when things aren’t quite right and only you can take the step to get checked out.

“With any luck, everything will be hunky dory, but in the event that it’s not, at least there’s a good chance any complications will have been spotted early and can be treated if need be.”

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