A community cause is looking to help children from Chernobyl by giving them a trip to remember this June.

The Wirral Link is one of Chernobyl Children’s Life Line (CCLL) many voluntary groups, which raises funds in order to bring children from Belarus and the Ukraine to Britain for a month’s recuperative break away from the radiation still present there since the Chernobyl explosion more than 25 years ago.

Many are still being born with deformities and cancers or go on to develop thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia.

Children are particularly vulnerable prior to adolescence and it is well established that, between the ages of nine to 11 years, a month in the UK gives their immune system a huge boost and can help them through this critical time.

This June, 19 children and two leaders will be staying with local host families and will enjoy many activities such as trips to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blue Planet Aquarium, ice skating, bowling, Camelot, and picnic on Hilbre Island.Š

Brenda Owen Jones, a member of Whitby Methodist Church’s Knit and Natter Group, spent many weeks making the golfer mascot doll which will be raffled by the Wirral Link to raise funds for the children’s trip.

The group meets on Tuesday afternoons during term-time at Whitby Methodist Church on Hope Farm Road Great Sutton specifically to knit for charity.

In addition to the golfer, group members have knitted a jumper for each child to take home to protect them from the harsh Belarusian winter.

The congregation of the church is also fundraising for the group as well as sponsoring a lunch for the children followed by a visit to the bowling alley at the Coliseum.

For further details of the CCLL Wirral Link, contact Garth Goddard on 0151 339 5249 and for more details about Knit and Natter, contact Chris Crowder on 0151 348 1185.

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