Students and staff at Upton-by-Chester High School have been re-accredited with the Eco-Schools Green Flag International Award for the third time.

The award has been given for continued excellence in improving the environmental performance of the school and wider community.

After her visit, the assessor said: “The school has very visible eco-projects throughout its site and students have a real passion towards the topics they are involved in.

“The idea of rolling any money generated from recycling projects back into student social areas was exceptionally good and inspired the whole school to be involved in the projects as they benefited everyone. The school was a pleasure to visit and students had a lot to show and talk about. They looked after me so well. Well done and keep up the great work.”

Students at Upton-by-Chester High School were also congratulated for the way they managed to involve the whole school and the wider community both locally and internationally.

The school has strong links with partner schools across the world and the eco-schools assessor thought: “It was very interesting to see the results of a global environment survey involving schools in Yemen, Sri Lanka and Russia.”

Amelia Lindop in Year 10 said: “Eco-schools is a fantastic scheme led by students, we have been involved at all stages of the decision making process and have gained valuable leadership skills. I am so pleased we received this International award as we worked so hard to achieve this result.”

Other students Isabel Roberts and Nicole Jones also said they felt proud that the school had received this award for the third time. Jack Bamber in Year 8 added that he was excited to be a member of the team and was looking forward to future community and international projects.