Louise Minchin caught up in BBC Breakfast sexism debate over where she sits on the sofa

Chester-based presenter has been sitting to the right of new co-host Dan Walker when 'camera-left' is sometimes considered senior position

Dan Walker and Louise Minchin on the BBC Breakfast sofa(Image: BBC)

A sexism debate has broken out over where Louise Minchin sits on the BBC Breakfast sofa.

The Chester -based presenter has been sitting on the right of new co-host Dan Walker on the morning show, when the ‘camera-left’ spot is sometimes considered the more senior position.

A letter to the Radio Times from Adele Clarke, from Cheshire, which accused the BBC of sexism, started the debate.

She said she was ‘annoyed’ Louise, who has been a presenter for the broadcaster since 2003, had stayed in the ‘number two’ sofa spot at the expense of the ‘new boy’.

Not about seniority

The BBC has said the positioning is not about seniority and Dan, who is 6ft 6in tall, sits on the left because of his height.

A spokesman said: “There is no seniority in terms of who sits where on the BBC Breakfast sofa. It’s all about judging which is the best camera angle for the presenters.”

It also pointed out that BBC Breakfast’s main presenters include three women and one man.

BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin, right, with Bill Turnbull during their live broadcast from Chester Racecourse in May last year

Football Focus host Dan joined the morning show last month after the departure of Bill Turnbull , who retired from the job after 15 years as a presenter.

Louise, who lives in Chester with her husband, daughters and labrador Waffle, said it would be ‘a change working with a younger presenter where I’m the older one’.

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