ONE of the main galleries at Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse in Northwich is being redeveloped, funded as part of a £294,000 Arts Council Renaissance grant.

The new Industrial Voices gallery, which will open in June, will explore the importance of local industries such as boat building and iron founding, during a time of transition as the town was transformed from domination by the salt industry, to one supported by the chemical industry.

The Salt Gallery at the museum is currently being refurbished. Some of the salt industry exhibits which were previously housed in this space will be moved to the Lion Salt Works.

Davenham and Moulton councillor Gaynor Sinar said: “The new displays will highlight the impact that the chemical industry has had locally, nationally and internationally.

“It will trace the early history of Brunner Mond and Company Limited and it’s amalgamation into ICI.

“A key focus will also be an exhibit dedicated to the life, achievements and legacy of Sir John Brunner.”

Cllr Sinar added: “The important stories and experiences of Northwich people who worked in industry, will be threaded throughout these displays.

“There will be oral history recordings, photographs and historic documents.”

Alison Clark-Jenkins, director North at the Arts Council England, said: “I am pleased that we are funding Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse in its work to increase the industrial heritage offer in the region through our Renaissance strategic support fund.

“It is a great example of how partners can develop their sustainability by working together to engage communities and increase their audiences.’

New displays about Northwich Union workhouse will be created throughout the museum’s ground floor.

These will include a 3D model, showing the full scope of the original buildings, and a recreation of the 1890s Master and Matron’s Sitting Room.

There will also be the development of a new museum garden and new community artwork.