FOR the past 12 months, the manageress of a bingo hall has kept her eyes down – but not on the game.

Zoe Evans, who runs Mecca Bingo in Ellesmere Port, has been pouring over her textbooks to study for a Certificate In Management qualification.

Now all her hard work has paid off after she graduated at Coombe Abbey near Coventry.

Miss Evans said: “I am very proud to have graduated with a qualification that I am confident will make me a better manager so I can help ensure our customers here at Mecca Ellesmere Port have a fabulous night out every time they visit us.

“Mecca really has been so supportive of me and I do feel that my lucky number has come up.”

Carolyn Lambourne, head of human resources for Mecca, said: “We invest a lot of money to ensure our employees are equipped to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

“We are industry leaders in this field and believe that the number of highly qualified people in our business is testimony to how professional we are at every level.”