THREE men have been charged on suspicion of breaking into and stealing from a young Ellesmere Port mother’s home while she slept with her two children.

The victim said she woke up in the early hours of Saturday, June 4, to find one man standing at the foot of her bed, Chester Magistrates Court heard.

Henry, of Girton Road, Ellesmere Port, is accused of sexual assaulting the victim, in her 20s.

Rune Gates, 25, of St Andrews Road, Ellesmere Port, and a 17-year-old male, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are alleged to have stolen two televisions, a laptop, and a purse.

Robert Youds, prosecuting, said: “This was a nighttime burglary.

“The victim says that at 3.50am she was asleep in bed with her children, aged two and four.”

Adrian Evans, defending Henry, who did not enter a plea, said: “In his police interview, he said that he was at the house but that he was invited to go there by the co-defendants.”

Amy Valentine, defending Gates, who pleaded not guilty to burglary dwelling and theft, said: “He’s denied involvement in the incident.

All three men were released on bail on the conditions that they stay at specified addresses, that they do not contact the victim or each other and that they do not enter a designated area of Ellesmere Port.

A committal hearing will take place on August 1, at Chester Magistrates Court.