MIKE Robbins led the charge as Wrexham AC’s men’s team topped Division Two at the fourth Border League race in Caernarfon. He was the fastest M45 in 12th (35.22mins) while Lisa Morley was the fastest W35 and the fifth lady home in 84th (41.14).

Wrexham’s other finishers were: 16 Daniel Weston (36.18), 60 Robert Jones (39.22), 73 Tim Bent (40.42), 79 Tony Parry (41.04), 81 Chris Bailey (41.07), 82 Geoff Richards (41.08), 101 Tom Csizmadia (42.02), 164 Ian Carson (45.39), 183 Linda Hampton (47.53 – 33rd lady), 199 Debbie Dodd (50.00 – 37th lady), 207 Ruth Pearson (50.36 – 43rd lady), 227 Peter Norman (55.38).

Wrexham’s ladies team came second in Division Two and their veterans team sixth. Wrexham’s men’s team are second in Division Two, their women’s team fourth in Division Two and their veterans team eighth.

Darren Rowlands finished second in the Delamere Dash Trail Race. He passed the post in 32.55 to make him the fastest M40.

Charles Ashley was 10th in the Rosey Nosey Fell Race in Graianrhyd in 32.33.