WOODFALL Primary School in Little Neston held its annual maths day last week.

The children enjoyed a fun-filled day of practical, hands-on activities, which included investigating Pentomino puzzles; creating Escher-style tessellations and a ‘gecko maths’ competition, in which children competed against each other in teams to solve a huge range of mathematical puzzles against the clock.

There was even a mathematical treasure hunt in the playground over lunch time, which a record number of children participated in.

The Year 6 pupils played an important part in the day, running and organising some of the activities for their younger peers and designing a maths trail for the infant children within the grounds.

This was a great opportunity for them to develop their own skills, finding ways to explain the mathematics and help the younger children to expand their vocabulary and find solutions to the problems.

The day was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by all who took part.

Conrad Renton, of Year 3, said: “I liked learning about Escher because it was a little bit of art, a little bit of maths and a little bit of history all at the same time.”

Amy Leadbetter, Year 4: “I really liked the Gecko maths because the questions weren’t too hard or too easy – they were a good mixture.”

Imani Klass, Year 5, said: “I enjoyed everything about maths day because lots of things were challenging like the pentominoes and the Gecko maths was funny when we had to do the wiggly walk.”

Nieve Boaden, Year 6, said: “I loved maths day because the Year 6s got to go and help other children with some of the different activities.”