WHITBY High School has had an outstanding rating from Ofsted for its personal, social, health and economic education.

The finding was reached by inspector Clarice Nelson-Rowe after a two-day visit to the Sycamore Drive school as part of Ofsted’s national evaluation and reporting programme.

The inspector interviewed staff and students, looked at students’ work and observed six lessons.

Her conclusion was the overall effectiveness of the school’s PSHE education was outstanding.

Students make exceptional progress with their personal and social skills as they move through the school, according to the inspector.

They develop high levels of self-awareness and their understanding of forms of bullying, including those linked with prejudice such as homophobia, is very well developed.

Older and younger students display excellent knowledge and understanding of issues relating to health, emotional well-being, sex, relationships, drugs and the use of technology.

They have an excellent understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe.

Students of all ages take up the many opportunities for leadership and to support others and demonstrate high levels of social responsibility.

PSHE education is high profile in the school and very strong leadership ensures constant improvement.

The inspector made one suggestion to help the school to continue to develop the subject.