A bizarre fish which resembles an armour-plated box, uses chemical warfare against predators, and spits water when it’s hungry has gone on display at Blue Planet  Aquarium, Cheshire Oaks. The exotic species is also known by a bewildering number of different common names including the humpback turretfish,  the hovercraft boxfish and the camel cowfish.

It is found from East Africa to Indonesia, north to Japan, and south to Australia. There is also a resident population in the Red Sea, which is now believed to be spreading to  the Mediterranean, via the Suez Canal.

The humpback turretfish is usually found in deep offshore waters over coastal slopes and sheltered muddy and sandy substrates.

It is also occasionally found near shallow algae and seagrass beds and areas of  part-destroyed coral reefs, and rocky outcrops.

In the wild it feeds mainly on algae and invertebrates; including worms, crustaceans, molluscs, and sponges.

However individuals in captivity are noted for their habit of coming to the surface and spitting water at passing aquarists to let them know when they are hungry.

Blue Planet Aquarium’s Stacy Adams said: “It may be only small compared to some of the other boxfish species we have here at the aquarium but it’s got to be one of the strangest looking!

“It’s also potentially one of the most dangerous as it can emit a deadly poison if  stressed which can wipe out any other fish nearby. Fortunately this particular individual seems to be very chilled out,” she added.

The fish’s unique method of locomotion, called ‘ostraciform swimming’, causes them to look as if they are hovering in the water.