A PUB will open its doors to primary school children to teach them about the value of eating fruit and vegetables.

The Stanney Oaks Harvester will welcome a class from a local school to take part in the fun-filled session.

About 30 pupils aged seven and eight from The Oaks Community Primary School will arrive at the Stanney Oaks at 10am on Wednesday, June 29.

Staff at the restaurant will team up with a Harvester chef to deliver a two hour practical lesson at the Salad & Grill.

Manager of the Harvester, John Huff said: “We’ll start by giving the children a VIP tour of the kitchen and will give them their own personal chef hats.

“The pupils will learn about the origins of the freshly-prepared fruit and vegetables in Harvester’s famous Salad Cart, and they will then be putting their taste buds to work as they are blindfolded for a blind taste test. “We hope this will get them eating fruit and vegetables they thought they didn’t like, or haven’t tried before.”

Once the practical session is finished, the children will then be able to help themselves to the Salad Cart, and sample dishes from Harvester’s Young Guest Menu.

Each child will then receive a certificate to mark their participation in the event, and will go home with a Harvester balloon and goodie bag containing ingredients to make a salad at home.