A WREXHAM soldier has been Mentioned in Dispatches for his bravery and leadership under fire while in Iraq.

Sgt Jonathan Greg Plimley, of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, was mentioned four times for different occasions where he had safely led his troops out of a difficult situation under fire.

On one occasion in particular he received high praise. According to dispatches, the report of significant events that take place in conflict, his group was separated from the main group when the Welch Fusiliers were attached to the First Battalion Prince of Wales Battle Group on a mission called Operation Pimlico, executing arrest warrants in Alemara in the Mosul province of Iraq in May last year.

'As the operation was concluding the company was contacted by small arms fire, machine gun fire and rocket-propelled grenades,' said the report.

'Sgt Plimley's team was separated from the group and under fire, in difficult terrain and conditions at night, he successfully led his troops to safety.

'Sgt Plimley has proved himself to be utterly reliable, robust and compassionate. He has demonstrated great leadership. He is the consummate platoon sergeant, his bravery is without doubt.'

Three more occasions saw him extract troops from difficult situations under fire. Being Mentioned in Dispatches is a military honour and Sgt Plimley received a badge for his uniform to mark it.