THE Great Sutton Neighbourhood Action Group joined forces with their local councillors, the PCSO and the students from Year 6 at Brookside School to clean up their neighbourhood last week.

They picked litter around Sutton Way and Rostherne Avenue and some students cleaned up parts of the school field, where lots of litter often accumulates.

Brookside headteacher Mr Rodgers said: “It’s amazing how much litter gets onto the school field. Our students are very conscience of litter but it often blows in from the street and also many people will throw their rubbish over the fence. We hope our actions highlight the issue to the wider community and it also helps the children appreciate the consequences of not disposing of litter in the correct manner and helps raise their environmental awareness, which we pride ourselves in teaching.”

They also looked at the hedges along the side of the school, which are very overgrown and cause problems for many of the parents as well as students getting to and from school. Cllr Donovan said: “It is awful that the children have such a difficult walk to school. We will work closely with Neighbourhood Action Group to ensure this is addressed as soon as possible and that a programme is installed to keep the hedges at an acceptable level.”

If you are interested in joining the Great Sutton Neighbourhood Action Group or would like more information about it, please contact Collette Linford on 0151 356 6691.