A 76-YEAR-OLD grandma from Winsford is living proof you are never too old to learn.

Renee McCarthy, of Derwent Avenue, embraced technology after taking a computer course at The Junction, based at Winsford Library.

And now she amazes her family, who emigrated to Queensland, Australia, by keeping in regular contact through email and chat rooms.

“I love this technology,” she said. “It has changed and enhanced my life.”

Renee’s daughter Marian, 51, moved from Whitegate to Oz with husband Steve and children Paul, 26 and Sarah, 18 in 1999, when Steve was head-hunted by a scientific instruments firm.

Whilst on a visit Down Under in June, Marian introduced her mum to the wonders of the web, and Renee hasn’t look backed since.

Marian, who worked at Mid-Cheshire College for 14 years, said: “I gave her lessons everyday over the month she was with me. I then encouraged her to find and enrol on a basic computer course, which she did, and the rest is history. I am very proud of her.”

In less than six months Renee, who works as a volunteer at the Dingle Centre, has become something of an internet whizz. And now she can even see them via her hi-tech webcam.

Renee added: “I couldn’t have done this without my daughter or the help from the staff at The Junction, they have been brilliant.”