A RECKLESS man took his life into his hands when he skied clinging on to the back of a car in Ellesmere Port.

Footage has emerged online taken by the man himself as he travels at high speed around the streets.

Police say the men were committing an offence and could now be investigated.

A message below the video on YouTube reads: “Skiing behind a car in the snow, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

The man who uploaded the clip went to the trouble of pixelating the registration plate of the car pulling him, but police are keen to know who the man was to warn him about future behaviour.

In the video, the car and skiier can be seen travelling on near-deserted roads as many had heeded warnings to leave their cars at home.

He even risks losing control to punch the air at one point and later passes The Gunners while travelling along Thornton Road.

Police confirmed the driver would be committing an offence of dangerous driving and the skier would most likely be assisting/aiding him in dangerous driving.