DANNY WILLIAMS believes fellow Wrexham midfielder Mark Jones has the potential to ply his trade at the very highest level.

The pair have been together in the Wrexham midfield for the last couple of seasons and Williams has seen Jones grow into a fine prospect.

Last season Jones was forced to miss a large part of the term with a knee injury, but Williams has backed the youngster to regain his form.

“I know Mark was very disappointed last season with his form,” he said. “But he did have a lot of problems with his knee and it kept him out for a long part of the season.

“But he has come a long way in the last couple of seasons and definitely has the potential to go to the very top. He would now be a very good Championship player, but he could certainly more than hold his own in the Premiership.

“I think you will see the best of Mark again this season when he gets back to being 100%.”

And Williams also admits it’s a joy to sit back and watch Jones in top form, adding: “He is an instinctive player and totally off the cuff, so defenders don’t know what he is going to do.

“He can hit a superb half volley or take it past a player and set someone else up.”

When asked if Jones was someone he enjoyed playing alongside, Williams added: “I can tell you I certainly wouldn’t like to play against him.

“I know my role, I sit back and protect the defence and I can tackle better than Jonah. I think we work well together and I’m really looking forward to next season.”