Continuing the series celebrating the Port Arts Festival Then and Now Exhibition, to be held from March 5 to April 29 at the National Waterways Museum, here are two more images that will be included in the display.

They are both of Ellesmere Port Railway Station.

The archive image is circa 1908 while the second is bang up-to-date avoiding the scaffolding currently surrounding the old station.

The station was built on land owned by The Marquis of Westminster in about 1863 and was originally known as Whitby Locks.

Last year it celebrated its 150th anniversary.

As can be seen, staffing levels were very different from today.

At peak times there were as many as four porters on the platform helping people with their luggage along with the station master and the necessary guard and driver on the train.

The ‘now’ photo was taken by Liz Broughton, a student at West Cheshire College.

The ‘then’ photo is from the Waterways Archive/Canal & River Trust.

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