A NESTON woman has been jailed for a year after the car she was driving mounted a kerb and struck a pensioner, severely injuring him.

Mandie Evans, 44, pleaded guilty to the dangerous driving incident which happened in January 5 last year and left Eric Forster, 65, with multiple broken bones.

Prosecuting at Chester Crown Court, Derek Jones said evidence had shown Evans to be driving at about 51mph in the 30mph zone near Neston town centre.

A witness had seen Evans ‘swerving all along the road’, then revving at a set of red lights before driving ‘like a bat out of hell’.

Mr Jones added that, having already hit the kerb twice, Evans mounted the kerb for a third time and, realising she was about to hit a pedestrian, put her hands over her eyes.

Mr Forster was struck and flew 15 metres from the impact.

As a result of the collision his leg, ankle and several ribs were all broken and required multiple operations.

His wife of 40 years, Deidre Forster, had written a letter to the court to say her husband, a former art teacher and lecturer who had recently retired, still had his leg in a cast 12 months on from the collision and it had had a disastrous consequence on his life.

The court also heard sentencing guidelines for causing serious injury by dangerous driving have been changed since this offence was committed. The maximum prison term for such an offence has been increased from two to five years.

Peter Moss, defending, said: “These are always very sad cases. It was not intentional as she was terrified for her own safety.

“This has had terrible consequences – she has chronic asthma and is inconsolable whenever she is asked about the injuries she has caused this man.”

Recorder of Chester Judge Elgan Edwards, sentencing Evans to one year in jail and a two-year driving ban, said: “You caused dreadful injuries which this man has not, and may never, recover from.”