A MASSAGE parlour on the outskirts of Ellesmere Port is seeking compensation from the Highways Agency alleging loss of trade due to roadworks.

The business, known as The Bungalow, hit the headlines in November after it emerged the Highways Agency had erected temporary signs directing customers to the parlour during the upheaval.

Owner Bonita Westgarth has successfully applied for the massage parlour in Welsh Road, Woodbank, to be granted lawful development status giving her the green light to apply for compensation.

She said in a letter to Chester City Council: “Since the commencement of roadworks the scale of my business has been reduced very considerably and I am making an application for compensation as a consequence.”

During an enforcement inquiry it emerged there was sufficient evidence to indicate the premises had been in continuous use for more than 10 years and therefore an application for a lawful development certificate was likely to succeed.