Almost 200 primary school pupils had a wizard day at high school.

Year 5 students from Hoole CE, Upton Heath, Westlea, Acresfield and Mickle Trafford primaries visited Upton-by-Chester High School for a exciting 'Harry Potter Experience' at the end of term.

The visitors spent their day studying lessons Harry Potter would have done, including Quidditch, potions, charms, the history of witchcraft. chocolate frog-making in Transfiguration and The Care of Magical Creatures.

Staff from the high school were dressed in gowns for the occasion and were promoted to professor status for the day.

The primary school students learned about looking after owls from the Blakemere Cheshire Falconry Centre.

Frost the owl was distracted at times whilst his carer Lucy explained to the children that he works from the last frost of the year, to the first.

Powerful Zulu amazed the children when he swooped down over the heads on the hunt for his chicken. There were audible gasps of delight from everyone when two week old owlets were shown to the students before they were treated to a flight display on the field from two more enchanting owls and a feisty falcon called Yorkie.

Hoole Primary School teacher Liz Watson had her hand set on fire in the potions lesson, thanks to the magic of dry ice.

Pupils re-potted a Mandrake in herbology lessons and after lunch, they were tested to their limits in NEWT (Nasty Exhausting Wizarding Test) - a test of their knowledge of Harry Potter with prizes from the Harry Potter Film Studios in London.

Assistant head of English Sarah Johns said: “It was a unique experience which has never taken place in a high school to my knowledge, and was enjoyed by all staff and students.

“It was a great learning opportunity. Staff at Mickle Trafford Primary said there was a real buzz of excitement about their day at Upton High School – a day they will always remember.”