THE lives of workers at Stanlow’s refineries have been dramatised in a new book.

Born in Sale in 1937, Ivor Goolding, of Tattenhall Lane, Tattenhall, has written a follow-up to his debut, the biographical A Cheshire Way of Life.

His latest book, Hammers Spanners and Rockers, recalls the time he spent working at refineries in Stanlow, Ellesmere Port, as a young man.

Ivor began as an apprentice at Burmah Oil in 1963, later moving to Castrol where he finished in 1980.

The book features stories of the everyday lives of the men that worked in the maintenance department at Burmah Oil and Castrol during the 1960s and 1970s.

Ivor, who recalls incidents about the tradesmen and management, said: “The ‘hammers’ and ‘spanners’ were the tools of the trade and the ‘rockers’ refers to the music in the old Castrol club.”

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