A CHILDREN’S entertainer will bring his alter-ego Grandpa Joe to tour the libraries of Ellesmere Port and Wirral once again.

Carl Loughlin-Ravenscroft, from Little Sutton, is known in the area as the children’s book reviewer who dresses up as story characters to talk about stories.

One such character is Grandpa Joe, a crazy old man who brings fairy tales to life in a slightly unusual way.

And, after a great response from people in the town,Grandpa Joe will be returning to Ellesmere Port library for half-term on Wednesday, February 20, at 2.30pm.

Carl, a library manager, who will appear on the next series of ITV show Britain’s Got Talent as his alter-ego, said: “Grandpa Joe has had such a great response from everyone in Ellesmere Port, and he’s received a few tweets and messages asking when could he return.

“I’m excited about the audition for Britain’s Got Talent which is on the Sunday so, by the 20th, Joe will have already faced Simon Cowell and be ready to perform for all his little fans in Ellesmere Port.”

To watch Grandpa Joe in action online, visit www.carlontv.com, follow him on Twitter @grandpajoetales and tune in to Britain’s Got Talent on March 2.