WINSFORD Lifestyle Centre could become a haven for unhealthy patients after it was revealed GPs across the borough will be able to send them there with ‘get fit’ prescriptions.

Vale Royal Borough Council works alongside Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust to provide facilities for the Exercise on Prescription referral scheme, designed to help patients improve their fitness by offering 24 gym, swimming or ‘aqua-fit’ sessions at half the normal price.

Patients at any medical centre in Vale Royal can be referred on to the scheme. They can already be sent to Moss Farm, but will soon benefit from the state-of-the-art £10.8m facility, which is replacing the existing Winsford Sports Complex.

“The scheme is about playing an important role in helping people who are most at risk to enjoy a more active lifestyle,” said a borough council spokesperson.

“GPs are always in contact with patients whose health could benefit from increasing their level of physical activity. If your doctor feels that you could benefit, then they will refer you.”

The 4,442sq m two-storey facility, scheduled to open at the end of February, will include a health suite and spa, a sauna, two squash courts and a 50-station gym.

Winsford mayor Des Worthington said: “Any scheme which encourages and helps people get healthy is very welcome, and the new centre will be a great place for the people of Winsford to go and try and get fit.”