A FAMILY have abandoned their pets by leaving them at boarding kennels before moving away.

Loveable female beagle Molly, a tricolour, was left at Five Oaks Kennels, Capenhurst, on April 7 for two weeks.

Black-and-white moggy Meg was dropped off a week later as the family said they were moving house – but they never came back.

Kennel manager Alison Stuart wants to give the family a chance to come forward and claim the animals or give her permission to rehome them.

“It may be that they are worried about paying the boarding fees,” she said.

“But whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that these animals need a loving home.”

Alison was unable to contact the family so she went to their home in Grappenhall Goad, Great Sutton.

“When I got to the house it was empty,” she said.

“The neighbours told us that they moved away three months ago. I couldn’t believe it.

“I just can’t understand why they abandoned them, they’re both so loveable.”

If you can offer Molly and Meg a home, call Five Oaks Kennels on 01244 880910.