A Blacon group has been awarded a £500 grant to help combat a spate of bad health across the area.

The Blacon Health and Social Care Group group was set up to improve the health and wellbeing of adults in Blacon, after a report by Cheshire West and Chester Council revealed Blacon had the worst health statistics in the whole region.

The group is now the first to receive a grant since Equilibrium’s Chester Community Support Scheme launched in Chester for 2016.

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The scheme enables local charities and organisations to apply for grants to further support the work they are doing in the Chester area.

The group will use the grant to fund a 12-month health and wellbeing initiative, which will include open days - where adults will be made aware of any health issues they may have - and classes run by health professionals to tackle 10 health problems.

Vice chairman of the group Gordon Cairns said: “We were shocked to discover that the health of people in Blacon was so poor following the Cheshire West and Chester Council survey.

‘‘After a number of committee meetings to overcome the challenge, the idea for the health initiative was sparked by one volunteer.

‘‘Given this critical need, we are thrilled to have been awarded the grant from Equilibrium’s Chester Community Support Scheme. We are determined to improve the lives of adults in Blacon through offering practical help and advice.

‘‘We feel incredibly passionate about the wellbeing of people in the area and it is wonderful to have the support of Equilibrium’s scheme.’’

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As part of the group’s health drive, they will also provide 10 support groups to run on a six-weekly cycle over 36 weeks.

Partner at Equilibrium Asset Management David McKendrick said: “The issues surrounding health are not only affecting Blacon, but the whole nation, so when we received their application we were very keen to partner with the group and do whatever we could to help.

‘‘If the grant we have provided can even go some way as to scratch the surface of such a health epidemic, we will be grateful to Blacon Health and Social Care Group for approaching us and allowing us to be involved in such a worthwhile cause.”

The Equilibrium Asset Management Chester Community Support Scheme’s panel meet every quarter to decide on the award of grants, ranging between £100 and £500 to community organisations and charities.

Applications for the first quarter of 2016 are now open. To apply visit http://eqllp.co.uk/the-foundation/chester-community-support-scheme/