A WREXHAM grandad has been blasted by a judge for his “disgraceful behaviour” after he hurled racist remarks at Polish children when he was out with his dogs and other people.

Paul Wright, 43, was told the thought of the scene when he, with dogs, turned on a girl of 12, who was looking after younger children, was sickening.

Other children had got involved and the judge said his behaviour would ensure racist behaviour would continue to the next generation.

Wright, of Prysor Street admitted a racially aggravated public order offence, his second such conviction.

The judge, Mr Recorder Nic Parry, said Wright would get credit for having the good sense to plead guilty and his sentence would therefore be reduced accordingly.

But as a mature man of 43 who prided himself as being a grandfather and a family man, he had behaved disgracefully by using foul racist language towards a 12-year-old child.

“You had dogs with you, there were other adults with you, she was 12 and the only company she had was a younger child.

“The thought of that scene is quite sickening,” the judge declared.

The aggravating features of the case were quite clear.

Twice within a month he had used racist language towards Polish people.

There had been a mention of dogs being used as a threat and there was a great disparity of age.

The most sickening feature was there were other children present at the time, who told the girl the dogs would be used against her.

“Where did they learn that?” the judge asked.

“What sort of example are you giving those children? It is behaviour such as yours that frankly ensures racist behaviour is going to carry on into the next generation. You should be thorough ashamed of yourself.”

Wright was given a six-week prison term suspended for 12 months and he was ordered to carry out 180 hours unpaid work in the community.

He was ordered to pay £50 compensation to the girl and £500 costs to the prosecution.