THE fourth protest in two months took place at Stanlow on the eve of the budget.

Chancellor George Osborne reduced fuel duty by 1p and stopped a 5p hike in fuel costs due in April on Wednesday.

But on Tuesday night, about 15 protesters blocked the road close to the refinery in seven vehicles.

Police spokeswoman Louise Hughes said: “At about 8pm on Tuesday March 22, police were informed of a protest on Oil Sites Road, Ellesmere Port.

“There were 15 people and seven vehicles involved. The vehicles were used to block the road to prevent traffic leaving the site for a short period of time until police intervened to remove the obstruction.

“The protesters dispersed a short time later and police maintained a presence at the location. There were no arrests made and protesting was peaceful.

“The role of the police in such incidents is to facilitate peaceful protest whilst ensuring public safety and free passage of roads and highways.”

Hundreds of people carried out a peaceful protest against rising fuel prices on January 28 and on February 25, about 120 people took part in another protest.

Then, activists claimed they had stopped tankers from leaving the complex for four hours but police and Shell disputed the claim.

On March 11, up to 50 vehicles took part in an organised go-slow from Stanlow to Chester.