It was a question of ‘hair today gone tomorrow’ for Xavier Davey after his shoulder-length locks were chopped off for charity.

Although it took the 12-year-old from Ellesmere Port two years to grow his tresses, barber Gill Farron took just 10 minutes to cut them off.

Barber Gill Farron takes the clippers to Xavier Davey's hair
Barber Gill Farron takes the clippers to Xavier Davey's hair

The Whitby High School student raised funds for Cancer Research UK after his grandfather Thomas Lunt, 85, also of Ellesmere Port, was diagnosed with  cancer.

Staff at the salon, Headquarters, Woodlands Road, Ellesmere Port, kindly waived their fee.

The youngster raised £325, with more money still to be collected.

Xavier said: “I really wanted to do something for my grandad and thought this was a good way to do it.  I really liked my hair long and although I’m happy  with it short it does get a bit cold on the back of my neck now.

“My friends like it which is good.  My teachers were really surprised.”

Xavier’s mother Fiona Jones said she was delighted with her son’s fundraising endeavours.

Mrs Jones, 40, a mother-of-four, said: “It’s my dad who’s been diagnosed with cancer. 

“Xavier was spurred on by the fact that his much loved grandad has bladder cancer and is undergoing constant treatment for it.

“Although Xavier could not have his hair shaved for charity due to school policy, having it cut short in itself was an achievement because he loved his  long hair.

“As his mum I feel extremely proud.”

Gill Farron said she was pleased to help out with Xavier’s charity haircut.

She said: “Xavier has great hair which was really easy to work with.  Cutting and styling it didn’t take very long at all.  I think he was pleased with the  result and it’s a great cause.”