POLICE continue to clamp down on drug dealers in Ellesmere Port.

More than 110 drug warrants have been executed and 72 people arrested in the last 10 months.

Forty people caught in possession of controlled drugs have also been handed cautions by police.

Inspector Peter Case praised Ellesmere Port residents for supplying vital information which has helped police mount a successful campaign against drug dealers.

He explained: “We are effectively tackling drug-related activity in Ellesmere Port and the recent successes of my team are clearly evident.

“The figures strongly suggest that drugs are less accessible in Ellesmere Port than they have been previously.

“Operation Castor is an ongoing policing operation to dismantle the network of drug supply in the town.

“In the last eight months, police have executed in excess of 110 drugs warrants resulting in the arrests of 72 people.

“A number of those arrested have received substantial jail sentences for drug offences.

“We have recovered thousands of pounds worth of Class A, B and C drugs and closed down several cannabis factories and premises used to take drugs.

“We have also curtailed the lifestyle of those involved in the drug trade by seizing cash and criminal assets.

“In excess of 40 people have also been given street cautions for possession of controlled drugs since the beginning of the year, after being stopped and searched by officers on patrol in the town.”

Inspector Case appealed to Ellesmere Port residents to help them take the fight to the town’s drug peddlers.

He said: “The misuse of drugs is a national problem and I acknowledge the concerns from the communities of Ellesmere Port, who are quite rightly concerned about the supply of drugs in the town.

“The feedback I have had from the public indicates that our efforts are having a very positive impact on how we tackle drugs and the effective policing by officers in Ellesmere Port.”

He added: “My message to the community remains the same – tell us what’s happening, give us the information, and we will target those individuals and premises involved.

“You don’t have to put up with drug dealers living in your street.”

If you have information on drug activity contact police on 0845 458 6373 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.