A MAN left wearing a pair of boxer shorts after a fire destroyed his flat says a charity shop has turned his life around.

Scott Earlam had to evacuate his flat in Sutton Way on Sunday, May 1, after a candle fire destroyed all his personal possessions.

The 35-year-old had to sleep rough in Ellesmere Port for three nights as he couldn’t find alternative accommodation.

He said: “I was covered in blisters and had no clothes or anywhere to go.

“I lost all my personal belongings, furniture, everything. The police had to lend me some pumps.”

Desperate and hungry, Scott turned to charity shop Community4Community in Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, which jumped to the rescue.

Community worker Joy Etheridge: “He just came into the shop and burst into tears. He told us what had happened to him.

“We kitted him out, gave him some clothes and £20 and bought him some food.

“We just had to help him, he had no money whatsoever.”

Unemployed Scott is now a volunteer at the shop. He is hoping to become a gardener with the support from the charity.

Community4Community is devoted to creating employment opportunities for young people in Ellesmere Port.

Joy said: “Community4Community was set up in April this year to respond to the needs of local people.

“The shop provides low-cost items at affordable prices and gives 100% of its profits back into the local community.

“Scott is now a volunteer at the shop. He intends to set up his own gardening company with the charity which assists people on low incomes.

“We are looking to get him on a course and get some equipment.”

A grateful Scott added: “If it wasn’t for the charity and Joy, God knows what would have happened. I don’t know where I would be now.

“A few weeks ago I was living from day to day, now I have got a future. I have never known anyone be so kind to me. I cannot thank them enough.”

If you would like to donate gardening equipment for Scott or donate to Community4Community or become a volunteer, call 0151 345 5183.