A DRUNK attacked his elderly mother slapping and twisting her fingers before smashing her phone so she couldn’t call for help.

David Newman, of Hooton Road, Ellesmere Port, assaulted his 70-year-old mother in a drunken rage before smashing her mobile and house phone, cutting her off from the outside world.

Appearing before Chester Magistrates on Monday, Newman, 39, pleaded guilty to assaulting his mother, before breaking her phones and stealing money from her purse to buy vodka.

The court heard how on November 25 last year Newman discharged himself from hospital following an epileptic fit and was driven home by his mother to the house they shared in Hooton.

On the way home Newman bought a bottle of vodka, which he started drinking as soon as he reached the house before arguing with his mother and smashing her mobile phone against the coffee table.

Sue Gibson, prosecuting, said: “He took her mobile phone and broke it then slapped her in the head a couple of times.

“When she went into the kitchen to use the house phone he had smashed it to pieces, then he went in her bag and took her purse out and took £35.

“He then called a taxi to take him to the One Stop Shop to buy more vodka, which he started to drink immediately.

“When he returned to the house he was very aggressive toward his brother, he tried to punch him, then he grabbed his mother’s hand and bent her fingers backwards behind her back.”

James Bagby, defending, said: “He has been living with his mother since the incident and there have been no further incidents.

“The defendant has long-term alcohol dependency, which is so serious that even a day without alcohol could have life threatening consequences.”

Newman received a 12-month community order, made to surrender to alcohol activity requirements and was told to pay a total of £150.