HOME Watch groups in Ellesmere Port have gone digital.

That is one of the main messages from the watch organisations during national Home Watch Week, from June 18-26.

Jenny Ford, community engagement Manager for Cheshire Constabulary, said: “The old curtain-twitching image is thing of the past. Most Home Watch activity is now geared around email messages sent by Cheshire police, council Trading Standards services and other partner agencies about current criminal activity.

“For instance, the messages may contain warnings about sneak-in burglars, bogus callers or rogue traders operating in a particular neighbourhood.

“They may have an appeal for information about a vehicle which police believe is involved in crime or details of a telephone scam.

“The messages are sent to the local Home Watch co-ordinators and cascaded down to individual Watch members.

“If anyone does not have email access, a neighbour will print out the message and take it round.

“It is quick, simple and it keeps people up to date with the main threats to their home security.”

She added: “For more general advice, groups can also access a national Home Watch website, Twitter and YouTube, CrimeMapper, Facebook and, of course, Cheshire police.

“Keeping an eye open for suspicious activity and reporting odd incidents is still important but now people are kept informed. They know what they are looking out for.”

In keeping with this virtual image, much of the publicity during Home Watch Week will be channelled through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.