A TORY is concerned figures show the number of children being bullied in Cheshire is 46%, well above the North West average of 44.3%.

Stuart Penketh, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Ellesmere Port & Neston, now wants a return to proper discipline in schools.

He explained: “This is very worrying news that nearly half our children are now suffering from bullying.

“I would suggest the Government needs to return discipline to our schools so half of our children are not scared and suffer problems associated with the bullying, such as lack of confidence, depression and even suicide.”

The annual Tellus3 survey of 150,000 10- to 15 year-olds in England reveals a large majority are happy, healthy and feel safe in their schools and local areas.

But almost half these youngsters are worried about their future.

Tellus3 also found bullying was still a big problem and a major concern to them.

Smoking, drinking and drugs also remain a concern for children.

The study asked children and young people in Years 6, 8 and 10 from 3,114 schools in 145 local authorities in the UK how they viewed their lives – and how good local authorities are at providing services for them.

Results indicate a positive picture for the vast majority, though there remain long-standing problems, with the level of drinking, drug use and smoking needing to be addressed.