Do you think any action is required on the M56 motorway between junctions 14 and 12, in light of the number of traffic collisions on that stretch over the past six months?

Now with the definite go-ahead for the Mersey Gateway happening and the additional HGV traffic it will attract, I would have expected this to be a top priority. However I would suggest this should be extended to junction eleven as the houses in this area are very close to the motorway and suffer great noise pollution and the resulting collapse in house prices.

Do you think Weaver Vale’s green spaces are suitable for developments such as Frodsham Wind Farm, Ince Resource Recovery Park and the proposed Hapsford Solar Farm?

On the wind farm – A definite NO. While I agree we need to invest more in green energy production, a wind farm is just replacing fossil fuel pollution with noise pollution.

On resource recovery, again NO, just put a ban on the packaging etc that causes the need of disposal. Peel Holdings would be better planting trees to help clean up the air pollution in our area.

On the Solar Farm, at least there would be no noise pollution, however I believe in Weaver Vale we have so many highly polluted brownfield sites which have been concreted over to try and stop the pollutants leaching out.

As these are not suitable for housing I suggest they would be perfect for erecting solar farms on.

How would you support the delivery of the Halton Curve and improve rail travel in Weaver Vale?

Simple really, a core policy of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is to take the railways, water, gas, electricity, the NHS and basically all essential services back into public ownership. This would ensure an affordable, not for profit service for all.

Is it fair that motorists in Weaver Vale have to pay to use certain roads, for example the Silver Jubilee and Mersey Gateway bridges?

NO. I was highly involved in the NO TOLLS campaign, fighting against both Labour and the Conservatives who wanted tolls for all. Sadly we ended up with a halfway house with no tolls for Halton residents as people outside Halton (ie. Frodsham, Northwich, Chester etc) would not sign the petition.

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