Ellesmere Port has some of the most disadvantaged areas in the country – what is being done to improve these neighbourhoods?

Currently there is some investment into Ellesmere Port – the town has been granted Assisted Area status, for example, and we have a new sports and leisure village being built on the edge of town. In my opinion these steps do not go far enough in making life better for the residents of Ellesmere Port and Neston. Public transport needs to be improved and affordable, not just out of town but within the area as well. We need more council housing so that even the poorest can have a place to live – and this housing needs to be built on the existing brown-field sites, not on green field. Our schools and nurseries need to be supported and able to provide free, healthy meals to every child.

Do you support fracking in the town?

I do not, and I have signed the Greenpeace anti-fracking promise.

Should the M53 be moved out of town as suggested by Cllr Mike Jones to reunite the town centre and the waterfront?

This is an interesting idea, but it is it is not very practical. Moving the motorway south would remove some of the transport links available to business and thus make Ellesmere Port less attractive as a place for business. However, the principal is brilliant. I would be more inclined to support increased links to the waterfront around the motorway – such as more bridges – as well as improvement to the waterfront itself so that there is something there for people to visit beyond the boat museum.

Is the new borough council better for the town than the previous Ellesmere Port and Neston Council?

Clearly a borough council shared with half the county is not as focused on Ellesmere Port as the previous local council was. There is an argument made for decreased bureaucracy, but this has come with a decreased focus on local matters.

Are local bus services good enough for those who wish to reach education or employment or visit family and friends?

No, bus services are infrequent, expensive and take too long. We need an increased service as well as more routes to cater to places people go, and at times that people need. An increase in shuttle busses and easier access to them would also be helpful.

Should all town centre parking be free to boost the shops in what has been described as one of the poorest town centres in the country?

The town centre parking should be free, not just for people who need to park there but for the businesses who depend on people being able to afford to park.

Fact File:

Education: A-level and experience

Occupation: PA at the University of Chester

Home: Hyde Close, Ellesmere Port

Twitter: @Michelleepalmer

Facebook page: EPGreens

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