What can be done to regenerate the rural economy?

Better broadband and mobile phone coverage – only 43% of Eddisbury accessing over 2mbps currently.

Reopen Tarporley station (and others); more buses; more footpaths/cycleways; leisure/tourism facilities; more light industry sites, support for farmers.

How can the character of existing villages be preserved in light of the recent influx of housing developments?

Community planning processes backed by legally-binding Local Plans. Robust Service Centre policies.

More brownfield and infill development; green spaces preserved, community cohesion and integration.

How can oversubscription to schools in the rural areas be resolved?

Invest in teachers and build more schools; financial support for collective transport and walking/cycling safe access.

Targeted support from development applications.

What would you do to improve access to hospital services for people living in remote rural areas?

Support GP access and outreach, important for early diagnosis and reducing hospital admissions; more specialist services in community surgeries; longer opening hours.

How would you improve transport issues for people living in rural communities?

Subsidise rural public transport to build demand; community car schemes initiated by Liberal Democrats in 2000, damaged by Conservative cuts.

Safe cycleways and footpaths to reduce car journeys between towns and villages and along trunk roads.

Upgrade the A51 between Shavington and the A55, including permanent cycleways. Upgrade bus shelters and collaborate on ticketing. Introduce ‘Oyster’-style cards.

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