What can be done to regenerate the rural economy?

We are contesting 32 seats, in any kind of minority Government or coalition, we could easily be quite influential.

On issues outside of our primary focus, I would work closely and constructively with other parties to help tackle the serious and systematic problems that face rural economies.

I should add that a more serious, regulated approach to UK drug policy – which is what we expect from a Royal Commission – has the potential to free up large sums of public expenditure and could also enable a significant contribution to the exchequer and the local economy.

How can the character of existing villages be preserved in light of the recent influx of housing developments?

This is a local government issue and I would urge the local authority to ensure that developers take account of the existing character when proposing new developments.

How can oversubscription to schools in the rural areas be resolved?

It was apparent from last week’s announcement of primary school place allocations that many schools are struggling with capacity issues.

However these are issues that are dealt with by the council.

As an MP I would be working to ensure that the local authorities are properly resourced and that councillors pay attention to their wards.

What would you do to improve access to hospital services for people living in remote rural areas?

As a local MP I would encourage patient groups to lobby their local health authority.

How would you improve transport issues for people living in rural communities?

It is clear that there are issues revolving around the regulation of buses and if enough subsidies are being put into transport services.

Again, this is something that we would address when it comes to sharing out the financial benefits that a regulated drug industry would bring, which is something that we would expect to arise from a Royal Commission.

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