The General Election is on May 7, when you have the chance to help decide who will be the next Prime Minister of this country.

To help you make your choice of who to vote for, we asked each of the four candidates standing for election in the Eddisbury constituency five questions:

1. What can be done to regenerate the rural economy?

2. How can the character of existing villages be preserved in light of the recent influx of housing developments?

3. How can oversubscription to schools in the rural areas be resolved?

4. What would you do to improve access to hospital services for people living in remote rural areas?

5. How would you improve transport issues for people living in rural communities?

Click on the links below to see their answers:

Antoinette Sandbach, Conservative

The Parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury for Conservative Antoinette Sandbach

James Laing, Labour

James Laing, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury

Ian Priestner, Lib Dem

Ian Priestner, the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury

Rob Millington, Ukip

Rob Millington, Ukip Parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury

Andrew Garman, Green Party

Prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Eddisbury, Andrew Garman

George Antar, Cista

George Antar, Cista (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol) Parliuamentary candidate for Eddisbury

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All the figures in this tool are drawn from official sources such as the ONS, the Electoral Commission and the Land Registry. The list of parliamentary candidates have been taken from YourNextMP, a crowd-sourced initiative to create a definitive list of everyone standing for government this year.