Do you think any action is required on the M56 motorway between junctions 14 and 12, in light of the number of traffic collisions on that stretch over the past six months?

Traffic collisions on the M56 have been a real tragedy in recent months and I want to see that our roads are safe for all users.

I’m proud to have made significant progress already: the M56 is being widened to four lanes at several points and this investment will hopefully help make it a safer, less congested motorway.

It is a scandal that there’s no smart motorway technology along this stretch of road.

It’s proven to help road safety, and I have been lobbying (and will continue to do so) the Highways Agency for some time to invest in this for this motorway.

Do you think Weaver Vale’s green spaces are suitable for developments such as Frodsham Wind Farm, Ince Resource Recovery Park and the proposed Hapsford Solar Farm?

I fought hard alongside local residents against Frodsham Wind Farm, and indeed the Ince Resource Recovery Park.

I was proud to support the new National Planning Policy Framework of this Government. This makes it clear that building on the Green Belt, for example, is only permissible in exceptional circumstances.

If the circumstances aren’t exceptional, it shouldn’t happen. Plain and simple.

So I’ve been a clear campaigner against infringements on our green spaces like the Alvanley Travellers’ Site, and I’ll continue to speak out against inappropriate development that irrevocably destroys our green spaces.

How would you support the delivery of the Halton Curve and improve rail travel in Weaver Vale?

I’m proud to be the MP who finally secured the investment to re-open the Halton Curve.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to boost our local transport infrastructure.

As well as making the case for the £10m required in Government, and securing the money, I’ve brought the Transport Secretary to our area multiple times to impress on him the need to deliver the re-opening of the Halton Curve quickly.

But it’s just a small part of our ambitious plans for better transport infrastructure, including rail electrification on the Chester to Manchester lines which will help commuters using Helsby, Frodsham, Hartford, Greenbank and Northwich and much-needed improvements to the M56 and other roads.

Is it fair that motorists in Weaver Vale have to pay to use certain roads, for example the Silver Jubilee and Mersey Gateway bridges?

Way back in 2008, before I was elected, it was decided that tolls should be levied on both the new and existing bridges across the Mersey.

I badgered and badgered the Transport Minister and the Chancellor to offer discounts, or make it free, for local residents.

Last year we were successful in achieving free travel for Halton residents. But I’m not finished yet.

The Chancellor has agreed to consider extending exemptions for residents in Cheshire West and Chester and, if I’m re-elected, I’ll be banging on the Chancellor’s door and calling for exemptions from the toll for all local residents.

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