A MOTORIST fed up of bad drivers took the novel step of placing a camera on his dashboard – and caught a dangerous driver in the act.

Darren Jamieson, 35, from Manchester, grew tired of other road users driving badly but having no evidence when reporting incidents to police.

Mr Jamieson, technical director of internet marketing company StuckOn based at Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre, soon recorded another driver taking a perilous risk on his way to work.

He said: “I was travelling to work on the morning of January 6, just before 8am.

“I came off the M53 as usual, heading toward the business centre on the A5117. When I passed the new set of traffic lights at the top of Kinsey Road a car on the opposite side of the road decided it couldn’t wait for me to pass and bolted across the road in front of me, heading down Little Stanney Lane.

“I had to break sharply, sounding my horn, as the car passed within inches of my bonnet. The road is a 50mph road, so myself and the cars behind me were travelling quickly. I was certain I would hit the car side on and there would be a major collision.

“Luckily I caught the whole thing on my new dashcam, which I decided to get following an incident a few years ago on the Coliseum in July 2008, where a Renault Espace reversed into me in the car park near the cinema.

“The driver admitted fault, but gave false details. My solicitor tracked him down from his registration, but to this day he denies that he reversed into me. If I had a dashcam then there would have been no argument.”

With a background in film, Mr Jamieson was able to edit a short clip of the incident, even including some slow motion that shows just how close he came to a smash.

You can watch the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=-89QM-8LK4A.