CROWDS gathered as firefighters rescued two girls who got stuck up a tree after climbing almost to the top.

At just after 7.20pm last Wednesday firefighters were called to Bumbury Green, off Stanley Green, Ellesmere Port, after reports youths were stuck in a tree.

The two girls, thought to be in their early teens, had climbed almost to the top of the large oak tree before becoming stuck.

Firefighters from Ellesmere Port used a 13.5-metre-ladder to rescue one of the girls, while crews from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service used a hydraulic platform to rescue the other youngster, who was stuck in the middle of the tree.

It took more than an hour and a half to rescue the two girls, who were described as safe but frightened by firefighters.

Ellesmere Port firefighter Steve Nottage, who was at the incident, said a large crowd gathered to watch the incident and said: “They were really quite stuck. We get incidents like this when the weather is nice, especially when the children are on school holidays.”