Cheshire West and Chester Council has upgraded a Pelican Crossing in Chester into a Toucan Crossing.

This means that the new crossing, by The Cop on Sealand Road, is wider than the previous one and can be shared by both pedestrians and cyclists.

The traffic signals have above  ground sensors and are able to  identify pedestrian movement, so that if the button is pressed to stop traffic and the pedestrian then walks  away, the system cancels the demand  for a red light for traffic.

Additionally if there are many people crossing the road, or someone crossing slowly, the sensors will extend the crossing time.

There are nearside pedestrian indicators that are positioned in the  direction of on-coming traffic, so pedestrians are looking in this direction when checking to see if it is safe to  cross. Studies have shown that this is  a factor in reducing the number of  driver and pedestrian collisions.

The Toucan also removes the flashing amber light which often causes confusion about who has the right of  way between drivers and pedestrians.

Councillor Lynn Riley, Executive  Member for Localities said: “We  apologise for the disruption caused while the work was carried out and  believe that the upgraded crossing will benefit the local and wider community.”

“I am sure that this upgraded crossing, which contains different features, will improve safety.”

Garden Quarter Councillor Bob  Rudd said: “It is great that the crossing has been upgraded at what can be a very busy location.”

“The Toucan, with its up to date equipment, is good news for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.”