Gourmet meats and cheeses are at the top of the pecking order when it comes to Chester sandwich-lovers’ preferred fillings.

Whether it’s a crustless cucumber sandwich at afternoon tea or a cheeky bacon butty with lashings of butter and ketchup, Brits love a good sarnie.

So much so, May 11 to May 19 is British Sandwich Week.

To mark Britain’s steadfast devotion to putting a foodstuff or several between two slices of bread, we asked sandwich shops in Chester what their most popular creation is.

The Cheshire Sandwich Company -  Godstall Lane, Chester.

We asked Dave Roach what their most popular sandwich is: “One of our customers’ favourite sandwiches is Cumberland sausage & cream cheese with salad and a sweet tomato & chilli chutney.

“It was created by myself when they were the only ingredients in my Mum's fridge after a night out - necessity is the mother of invention!”

Dave Roach from Cheshire Sandwich Company in Godstall Lane

Deli-vert - Faulkner Street, Hoole.

The shop recently won best deli at Chester food and drink awards and specialise in cooked meat, cheese, breads, pâté and olives.

Chris Mayer told us: “Our best selling sandwich is deli roast turkey, smoked streaky bacon and Swiss cheese in Mayo with a mixed herb salad.

“Other best sellers are deli roast ham with mature cheddar cheese salad and mayo and sundried tomatoes with mozzarella and rocket.

Chris Mayer from the award winning Deli-Vert in Hoole pictured with a tray of their best selling turkey sandwich

Sarnies Sandwich Shop - Faulkner Street, Hoole.

Rachel Buckingham, the manager  at Sarnies says: “Our favourite best selling buttie is the ‘breakfast sarnie’. This comes with a choice of tasty fillings on various soft bread. From bacon and sausage to egg and mushrooms. Whatever you fancy really.”

Sarnies sandwich shop in Hoole

Wrap N Roll – Garden Lane.

Denise Bellion told us one of their most popular sandwiches is a freshly made sandwich of ham, cheese and homemade coleslaw.

Hairdresser Marc Stipling enjoys a freshly made sandwich from Wrap N Roll in Garden Lane

46 – Lower Bridge.

Mrs Roslan at 46 said: “Here at 46, our most popular sandwich is called the Kaveh Kanes, it’s made with a 12-inch tortilla wrap  smeared with peri mayo then topped with spicy southern-style chicken and loaded with mixed salad. It’s then wrapped and toasted for a few minutes.

“This is one of many speciality sandwiches made fresh while you wait.”

Hadi Roslan (owner) and David Jones (assistant Manager) at 46 on Lower Bridge Street

Tudor House Deli – Lower Bridge Street.

Mike McHugh explained: “Our best selling sandwich is chicken, tarragon, mayonnaise with crispy bacon, usually on wholemeal bread.”

Tudor House in Lower Bridge Street

Doorsteps – Handbridge.

Owner Mike Robinson told us: “Our most popular sandwich can vary according to the weather!!

“Generally it is a chicken breast sandwich with crispy bacon bits, iceberg lettuce and fresh tomato with a touch of mayonnaise,  but on a nice hot summer day the freshly poached salmon with a dill mayonnaise and fresh watercress fly out.”

John Hitchen, Susan Robinson (proprietor), Amanda Starkey and Gillian Jones at Doorsteps of Handbridge

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