BASE Motopark has officially opened its doors to the community at a launch event.

Close to 100 residents, motorbike enthusiasts, councillors, police and council representatives, schoolchildren and proud parents helped celebrate the opening, which involved training sessions and track demonstrations.

The park in Little Stanney, which includes two practice tracks and a training circle, will see the BASE team working closely with young people and schools in Ellesmere Port to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn to ride at the park.

BASE director Graham Lee said: “Motocross offers young people discipline, confidence and most of all the opportunity to channel their energies into something positive rather than anti-social behaviour on the streets..”

Council leader Mike Jones said: “The council has thrown its support behind this project from the very beginning and I have to credit the BASE team for their hard work and dedication – there were times when this park didn’t seem possible and they have battled so many obstacles in their way to get where they are today.”

An in-school reward scheme and school engagement programme will provide an incentive to children who work well in school – with points to be used at the track. The scheme will also help to tackle truancy by encouraging young people to stay in school in order to become a member at the park.

Young children will be able to spend time working at the park marshalling, monitoring the car park or cleaning up and receive free-of-charge training from Graham in return.

Similar parks across the UK have shown to have a positive effect on anti-social behaviour – where safe, licensed facilities have reduced motorcycle anti-social behaviour by up to 97%.