YOUNG brothers who terrorised Ellesmere Port residents by shouting abuse, baring their bottoms and starting fires were banned from their own street.

Curtis Agarry, 12, and Chadlevi Agarry, 14, must turn left when they leave the house – or face time in a young offenders institution.

Judge Nicholas Sanders slapped the pair with two-year ASBOs prohibiting them from entering the Port Arcades, a community centre, a derelict pub and a list of roads near their home unless accompanied by an adult.

Police say they were the ringleaders of a gang of teenagers who abused, intimidated and threatened neighbours, many of them elderly.

They believe the ASBOs, imposed at magistrates court will give the brothers a chance to turn their lives round.

PC Amy Beaumont, western area anti- social behaviour officer, said: “Over a period of several years a number of people in Eccleston Road, where the brothers live, and in neighbouring streets have been terrorised. As well as being sworn at and threatened they have had bricks, stones and water bombs thrown at their windows. Some have not been in the best of health and it has been a real ordeal for them.

“The brothers have also shouted at shoppers and shop staff in the Arcades and caused disruption. Unofficial bans were put in place, but they ignored them. Now the bans from the Arcades, like the other terms of the ASBOs, have legal backing.

“We are determined to stop disorder. People are entitled to spend time free of threats and disruption.

“We hope the ASBOs, which run for two years, will improve the quality of life for a number of people and give the boys a chance to turn away from a course which will lead to a lot of problems for them.

“These ASBOs will be enforced. We ask anyone who sees the terms being broken to contact us on the Cheshire Police Information Line 0845 458 0000.”

If either break the terms of their ASBO, they could be imprisoned.

They are permitted to use the short distance from Overpool Road to their home on Eccleston Avenue but must stay away from the rest of the street and their old stomping ground around Waverton Road, Hargrave Drive and Thelwall Road.

As well as being banned from those areas, they are prohibited from:

Swearing or making offensive remarks or being threatening toward another person, or encouraging another person to act in that way.

Acting in a way that is rude, offensive or threatening, or encouraging another person to act in that way.

Going into the prohibited areas.

Throwing or encouraging another person to throw any object toward any building, vehicle or person.

Being with five named people in public and attempting to contact six others.