Is this the oldest colour photograph of Chester?

Image shows how the Rows looked from the Cross in the late 19th century

This colourised photograph shows Chester city centre in the late 19th century

A beautifully restored photograph can claim to be one of oldest colour images of Chester.

The photo taken from the Cross in the city centre gives a vivid insight into life as a Cestrian back in the 19th century.

It looks across to the stunning Rows at the corner of Bridge Street and Eastgate Street.

The date of the picture has been estimated between 1890 and 1900.

A few Victorians can be spotted out on the streets, although it looks a little quiet on the Rows.

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It is fantastic to see how the beauty of Chester’s architecture has been preserved.

The Cross in Chester city centre, bathed in sunshine

Although if you compare it to the modern day there has clearly been a new coat of paint added to certain parts.

The photo is one of a number images from various locations up and down the country which have been colourised.

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A pioneering technique Photochrom was used to add colour to the black and white negatives.

It was created by Swiss firm Photoglob Zürich AG and licensed out to the process to Photochrom Company of London and the Detroit Photographic Company, who carried out the work on the Chester photograph.

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