Exploring 1960s life in Chester with these fabulous pictures

More images of the city from the Swinging decade, do they spark any memories?

We have featured many images of Chester in the 1960s before but it was such an important and colourful period for so many people that we make no apology for featuring it again!

The decade was an exciting, flourishing time to be alive and in Chester it was a time of great change.

Much of the construction you see here today was built in the 1960s, as historian Paul Hurley explores in his book Chester in the 1960s: Ten Years That Changed a City.

As he writes, at the beginning of the decade, televisions were mostly still small and black and white and transistor radios were every teenager’s must-have piece of equipment.

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Elsewhere, pop and rock had landed as the arrival of The Beatles and similar bands heralded a new youth-based culture. Paul also points out that youths would even start adding new words to their vocabulary - such as ‘hip’ and ‘cool man’.

Meanwhile, in Chester, residents were battling with traffic so an inner ring road was created which required demolition of many old buildings, something that did not go down particularly well with residents.

Cheshire police’s headquarters were getting too small for the growing requirements in the constabulary so a new building had to be erected and it was decided that Chester only really needed one railway station instead of two.

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