Bollicini in Rufus Court is known for its authentic Italian cuisine, not to mention their wide range of cocktails.

But there’s also a chance you might find spirits of a different kind in this popular Chester eatery - according to the author of Chester - City of Ghosts.

Speaking to The Chronicle, Mary Ann Cameron said there have long been stories circulating about a strange woman who stands on the stairs in the Bollicini building, which was once an original Georgian house.

“Some have also seen two young children with her,” she said. “There have been no ghost sightings since Bollicini took over, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they use the redesigned outbuildings for the restaurant and only use the main building for kitchens and toilets.”

And Mary Ann says that to this day none of the staff like using the staircase as they are still said to feel the malevolent spirit of the lady who they believe killed the two children. “Her spirit has also made some customers feel very uneasy when they have gone upstairs to use the facilities,” she added.

Yet there seems to be no problem with the ghost that lurks in the cellar - the spirit of a priest who died when the tunnel he was using from the cathedral to the house, collapsed and killed him.

“Staff are down there often alone, and are never scared - he is very friendly,” explains Mary Ann. “I had no idea of the ghost, the cellar or the tunnel before the manager told me - but when you look at the brickwork in the cellar, it is obvious.”